CRANBERRY ALMOND KELP BARS Delicious, sweet & savory feel good energy from land & sea


Feel good energy from land & sea

Ocean’s Superfood

Discover the clean umami taste and nutrient-packed goodness of kelp, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals including iodine, essential for a healthy metabolism.


Featuring sustainably harvested kelp from the pure waters of the Gulf of Maine, our bars offer a convenient way to bring the benefits of seaweed into your diet.

Eat clean, feel great.

Made without gluten, GMO’s or synthetic ingredients, our well balanced recipe uses whole foods, healthy fats, fiber, and just the right mix of simple sugars and complex carbs to leave you feeling satisfied.

Cranberry Almond & Kelp Bar
  • Feel good in body & mind

    18+ Vitamins & 

  • Eat healthy on the go

    Crunchy almonds & pumpkin seeds

  • Sweet cranberries & coconut

  • Savory, nutrient-rich Maine kelp

  • Our Seamade Mission

    SeaMade aims to serve health-conscious consumers by providing education and convenient access to seaweed through tasty foods and other seaweed products. SeaMade is committed to socially responsible business and environmental sustainability and donates a percentage of profits to ocean conservation.

  • Meet the Founder

    As a health-conscious, active person, I seek foods that are nutritious, taste great, and make me feel good in body and mind. I was amazed to discover the clean taste and nutrient-packed goodness of seaweed while guiding kayak trips along our northern coastline. With nuts, fruits, grains and kelp harvested only from the pure waters of the Gulf of Maine, our unique recipe offers you the best of land and sea—try it and feel great yourself!

    —Tara Treichel, Founder

    Founder headshot with ocean water view behind

What people are saying...

SeaMade cranberry and almond kelp bars are a great introduction to sea vegetables as a class of ingredients.  This product delivers kelp in a familiar form – the energy bar – but also showcases how seagreens can add a savory element to any recipe.

Seamade's Cranberry, Almond & Kelp Bar is nutritious and tasty, which is exactly what I look for in a bar!  The cranberries and honey add the perfect sweetness, and really compliments the earthy taste of the kelp.  The texture is perfectly chewy, with just the right amount of crunch.  Add in the fact that it has 18+ vitamins and minerals and you have completely sold me on this grab-and-go snack!

I don't always have time for a proper lunch. A SeaMade bar always keeps me going strong.

I keep one in my purse for those random cravings. They're a great energy-boosting snack on the go!

I've heard sea greens are healthy. I just haven't had time to figure out how to incorporate them into my diet. SeaMade is a great introduction to the goodness of sea greens!

I had a bar for desert last night and loved it! Not too sweet, just the right amount of crunch.